Career Coaching and Goal Setting with Tracy Martin The Goal Coach


Specializing in, but not limited to, adults, young adults, teens and families in the entertainment industry.
All others are encouraged and welcome to sign up!

  • Get a specialized, specific coaching plan made for you
  • Advice for both personal growth as well as professional growth
  • Personal advice to compliment and propel professional goals
  • Unique advice for each individual
  • Receive a step by step plan of action
  • Honest advice from someone who genuinely wants to help you succeed
  • Safe, comfortable place to brainstorm
  • Session can be applied to any area of life; not limited to professional life
  • Empowerment for females of all ages; Emphasis on supporting each other and being fearless enough to stand up and shine
  • Opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment
  • Identify and overcome obstacles
  • Help making your day job work with your long term goals/career
  • Post Session Email Support available to help keep you on track
  • This is the first positive step to acheiving goals. Put out into the universe what you desire. This is just the beginning!
  • All sessions held in Toluca Lake or in the comfort of your own home via Skype!

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“When the seed becomes a sprout it is going into something unknown. When the sprout starts growing flowers it is again a movement into the unknown. And when the fragrance leaves the flowers -- again, a quantum leap into the unknown. Life needs courage at each step." Osho